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	<title>RSS Feed</title>
	      RSS is a fascinating technology. The uses for RSS are expanding daily.
	      New information related to RSS feeds and using RSS for marketing is posted 
	      on a regular basis.          
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	<title>RSS Feeds and Fair Use</title>             
	   Regardless of whether you manage an RSS feed or syndicate existing feeds,
	   it is a good idea to become familiar with what constitutes fair use 
	   under copyright laws. Fair use allows portions of copy written material 
	   to be reproduced or republished without the consent or permission from 
	   the copyright holder.              
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	<title>Green Tip - How to Recycle Cell Phones</title>
	   Cellular phones and other mobile devices often contain toxic materials that 
	   can pollute the environment. The chemicals contained in the cell phones and 
	   electronics are harmful to the health of both humans and animals. Cell phones 
	   and their accessories contain a large number of hazardous substances known 
	   as Persistent, Bioaccumulative, and Toxic Chemicals. Some of the chemicals 
	   contained in the PBTs have been known to cause damage to nervous  systems, 
	   reproductive systems, and developmental systems, as well as causing cancer.<br />
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