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Computer Science Exercises


Rodolfo Baggio


Milano, 2004

This booklet contains a set of exercises intended to help the student in developing his skills on some end user applications.

The exercises are built following the requirements of the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) Syllabus version 4 (see Appendix 3) and are in agreement with the requirements for the final exam of the Computer Science for Business and Computer Skills courses. They refer to the ECDL modules:

- Module 2 - Managing files (Microsoft Windows Explorer);
- Module 3 - Word Processing (Microsoft Word);
- Module 4 - Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel);
- Module 7 - Information and Communication (Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook Express).

The equipment required consists in a "normal" Personal Computer equipped with Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Office XP (at least the two programs: Word and Excel) and an active Internet connection.
All the files required to complete the exercises can be built (and this is a further exercise) following the instructions in Appendix 1. No solutions are provided.

Table of contents
   Managing Files
   Word Processing
   Information and Communication
   Combined exercises
   Appendix 1 – Files needed
   Appendix 2 – Changing system or application language
   Appendix 3 – ECDL modules

Data files used - 88 kB


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